All about my content marketing strategies and copywriting services.

You deserve the best content marketing strategist and copywriter for you and you have to be confident that is me. This is my process so you know exactly what to expect.

You may or may not know what you want from your content marketing. Maybe a website that’s innovative, vibrant or stylish – but your view of innovative, vibrant or stylish could be very different to mine. It is vital we clarify all expectations from the beginning.

I’ll give you a free 60 minute, no obligation face to face or Skype consultation to discuss your potential content marketing strategy!


  • Prior to talking: You complete a briefing template about your needs, brand values, products, services, target audience, competitors and business goals, then email it to me. (Or, if you prefer we can go through your briefing template during our first meeting. Whatever works best for you.)
  • It helps if you can send me any other useful materials you have relating to your project (business plan, previous marketing campaigns, customer information). In strictest confidence of course.
  • After reviewing your information, we’ll schedule our first meeting or Skype call. I’ll ask you for any other details needed to give you the most compelling copy possible. The call will be recorded so none of the detail is lost. There may also a few follow up emails.
  • I’ll prepare a proposal detailing the stages of work and estimated costs. We’ll discuss the options in the proposal, (again, either via Skype or face to face) to ensure I’ve understood your needs. I will also ask you to sign my Ts&Cs.
  • Once the details are finalised and you agree to the proposal we agree a contract. As soon as the contract has been signed and the deposit paid, I’ll start your project. (Please note, projects cannot start until the contract is signed and the deposit has been paid, sorry but I learnt this the hard way)

My best work comes from working with people who are passionate about their business. If it excites you, it excites me. So if you’ve got a business, website, project, product or service you care about, let me know.

Note: If you prefer to work via email I’m happy to do that too but it may take a little longer.

Projects are usually completed in two-week runs:

  • Content Marketing Strategy: Week 1: Initial meeting and review; Week 2; Preparation of proposal
  • Copywriting: Week 1: research and writing the first drafts; Week 2: final edits, and final draft

However, if you’ve got a very tight deadline, a particularly large or small project, we can discuss these options and see how we might wriggle them in to ensure you have exactly what you need.

If you like what you’ve read so far, then let’s get started. Fill out the briefing template and let’s set your poetry in motion.


Get in touch today and we can have a chat about how I can help...