Dynamic business and marketing strategies driving your business success.

As an experienced business coach and entrepreneur I can shine light on the business and marketing strategies you need to achieve your business objectives. It’s all in the planning and processes – get these right and your business and marketing strategies will lead to a thriving and successful business.

Take a look at my strategic business and marketing services then get in touch if this is what you need.

Business planning

If you don’t already have this, (or even if you do) we’ll work together to develop realistic and inspiring goals giving you a clear direction to steer your business to success.

Social media strategy

Follow-on development of your content marketing strategy; planning your full social media message, maximising your reach and coverage, drawing people in to your sales funnel with magnetic inbound marketing.

Content marketing strategy

Working closely with you (and any other decision makers), developing your clear, powerful content marketing strategy, linked to key objectives in your business plan. See more here.

Website content review

Doing business online is easy! All you need is a compelling website that is top of the search engine lists and gets thousands of visitors who return often. How does your website stand up or stand out? Why not find out? Get a 35-point usability checklist and full report. See more here.

If you already have a clear content marketing plan and just need creative and compelling content, then fill in my briefing template and tell me more about your brand values, products, services, target audience, competitors and business goals (you can download it for free) and email it to me now.


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